Mandi & Bronson | Sheraton, Framingham, MA

From the prepping to the final dance, Mandi and Bronson spent their entire wedding day at the Sheraton in Framingham, MA. Due to the rain, we actually spent the whole day inside of the Sheraton…as “they” say…rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck!!

Mandi and her girls had their hair and make-up done in one of the suites at the hotel. It was a very calm and relaxed atmosphere…not a single sign of nerves!


The dress…


and a few of the details!


Dress time…Stephanie, Mandi’s sister had the honor of lacing up Mandi’s dress.


Bronson’s brothers helped him put on the finishing touches.


We did our pre-formals in the main entrance hallway…separately! Mandi and Bronson chose not to have a first look before the ceremony, so we timed it so they wouldn’t run into each other!



The ceremony had a sand ceremony and a special song that was sung by one of the bridesmaids.


The happy recessional…


A couple of pictures of the newly married couple…


Their first dance totally shocked me!! It begun with a typical slow song for all of about 5 seconds…then the “record” screeched and “Baby” by Justin Beiber and Ludacris started up! I am alway snapping away, and AMAZINGLY, I caught a picture of Bronson’s hat being thrown to him to kick off the dance!  I am telling you, I had the BIGGEST grin on my face and was literally laughing out loud as I snapped away…The dance was choreographed by a friend of theirs and it was fabulous!! They are great dancers and it totally came out of left field!! I had spent the day trying to loosen them up and get them to smile a bit more! When “Baby” started playing, they completely came out of their shells…I loved it!!!


Bronson and his family are from Hawaii and they happily made the trip to Mandi’s home state of  Massachusetts for the wedding! The speeches were given by Bronson’s brother and Mandi’s sister  and they were great!



Bronson danced with his mother throughout the night (she is such a fun lady!) and also did the official mother/son dance…


During the mother/son dance, Bronson and his mother invited Mandi’s mother to dance with them…It was so sweet!


Another special surprise was a hula dancer (I hope that is the correct name for her!). She did several dances throughout the evening and inspired a dance by Bronson’s mother and another by Bronson’s niece! She also taught the girls and the guys some moves!


After teaching the girls a dance, she brought Bronson over to the floor so that Mandi could present the dance to him…adorable!


Bronson and his brothers were fantastic dancers! This is them leading the congo line around the room…and a quick shot of one of Bronson’s nieces who was an ANGEL for the entire cermony and reception!


Mandi and Bronson, congratulations to the two of you!! Best wishes selling Mandi’s place and moving into a new home together…it is well deserved!!

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  1. if anyone needs to know that heather chick is one of the finest, most talented photographers i have ever had the pleasure of enjoying. she sees far more than a “picture” but the very essence of an event. she wins the prize!
    and boundless energy is an understatement….what an honor to have met her and reap the benefits of her talent.
    God’s continued blessings on her!
    tara schaller
    mother of the bride

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